Treatment of menopausal problems with naturopathy and complementary medicine

Information for patients

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Author: Kraft, Karin
Subject: concepts of treatments in naturopathy and complementary medicine, natural healing, naturopathy, menopausal problems, menopause
Abstract: Information for patients about menopausal problems.
Copyright: Karin Kraft, M. D., Ph D; 1999 
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Concepts and treatments about menopausal problems
Category 1: Methods to increase perfusion of pelvic organs, regulate muscle tension, train the muscles and the cardiovascular system, and to prevent osteoporosis
Category 2: Medicamentous and non-medicamentous measures to normalize metabolism
Category 3: Allasso-therapy
Category 4: Relaxing and roborating measures
Publication List - Karin Kraft M. D., Ph D;  Klinik "Moorbad" Bad Doberan, Germany


When women reach menopause the frequency of age- and sex-related complaints and diseases begins to rise. About 30% of the women have severe problems. In general, hormonal substitution seems to offer more advantages than disadvantages as it improves a lot of the physiological changes and complaints such as involution of genitals, depression, hot flushes, sleep disorders and irritability, It also improves immune system and memory. But many women reject hormonal substitution due to very different reasons, in some it is contraindicated because of certain diseases, and also a lot of problems cannot be solved. Naturopathy and methods of complementary medicine offer solutions for several menopausal complaints, and are also very suitable for the treatment of functional problems of several organs arising in consequence of menopause such as obstipation, weight gain, dyspepsia, increase in blood pressure, cardiac arrhythmia, pain in bones and connective tissue, fatigue and depression. Early treatment of these problems with naturopathy and complementary methods, completed by standard modern treatment, if necessary, can prevent or substantially delay consecutive diseases and improves health.

Methods of naturopathy and complementary medicine can be categorised with respect to their main effects:...(Category 1)

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