Treatment of menopausal problems with naturopathy and complementary medicine

Information for patients

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Author: Kraft, Karin
Subject: concepts of treatments in naturopathy and complementary medicine, natural healing, naturopathy, menopausal problems, menopause, allasso-therapy
Abstract: Information for patients about menopausal problems
Copyright: Karin Kraft, M. D., Ph D; 1999 
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Concepts and treatments about menopausal problems
Category 1: Methods to increase perfusion of pelvic organs, regulate muscle tension, train the muscles and the cardiovascular system, and to prevent osteoporosis
Category 2: Medicamentous and non-medicamentous measures to normalize metabolism
Category 3: Allasso-therapy
Category 4: Relaxing and roborating measures
Publication List - Karin Kraft M. D., Ph D;  Klinik "Moorbad" Bad Doberan, Germany

Category 3: Allasso-Therapy
Neuraltherapy Neuraltherapy is not only useful for pain treatment but also can eliminate regulatory blockades, which are induced by irritation fields.

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