Treatment of menopausal problems with naturopathy and complementary medicine

Information for patients

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Author: Kraft, Karin
Subject: concepts of treatments in naturopathy and complementary medicine, natural healing, naturopathy, menopausal problems, menopause, relaxation rraining, physiological respiratory gymnastics, ordotherapy, behaviour therapy
Abstract: Information for patients about menopausal problems
Copyright: Karin Kraft, M. D., Ph D; 1999 
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Concepts and treatments about menopausal problems
Category 1: Methods to increase perfusion of pelvic organs, regulate muscle tension, train the muscles and the cardiovascular system, and to prevent osteoporosis
Category 2: Medicamentous and non-medicamentous measures to normalize metabolism
Category 3: Allasso-therapy
Category 4: Relaxing and roborating measures
Publication List - Karin Kraft M. D., Ph D;  Klinik "Moorbad" Bad Doberan, Germany

Category 4: Relaxing and roborating measures:
Relaxation Training Autogenous training and progressive relaxation of muscles (Jacobson) is useful, also alternating baths and affusions have been proved to be effective. 
Physiological Respiratory 
Physiological respiratory gymnastics have physically and psychically stabilizing effects. 
Ordotherapy Ordotherapy has the task in this context to give informations on hygiene of sleep, a day-night rhythm which considers the necessities of the body and improvement of health in general. 
Behaviour Therapy Many troubles during menopause also can be ameliorated by behaviour therapy. Additionally training of self-reliance, problem solving and creativity in groups have been shown to be useful. 


A selected combination of methods of naturopathy and complementary medicine therefore is able to help in many aspects in menopausal problems. The well-trained team of the Department of Natural Cure in the rehabilitation center Klinik "Moorbad" Bad Doberan, Germany, offers a therapeutic conception adapted to individual requirements and a training to cope with menopausal problems in the daily living. The therapeutic concepts are worked out in cooperation with the Department of Natural Cure and Complementary Medicine at the university of Rostock, Germany,  and are continously adapted to new scientific perceptions. If You are interested in further details, please call us up or use our email-adress or Thank You for Your interest.

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