Treatment of menopausal problems with naturopathy and complementary medicine

Information for patients

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Author: Kraft, Karin
Subject: concepts of treatments in naturopathy and complementary medicine, natural healing, naturopathy, menopausal problems, menopause, alimentary therapy, phytotherapy
Abstract: Information for patients about menopausal problems
Copyright: Karin Kraft, M. D., Ph D; 1999 
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Concepts and treatments about menopausal problems
Category 1: Methods to increase perfusion of pelvic organs, regulate muscle tension, train the muscles and the cardiovascular system, and to prevent osteoporosis
Category 2: Medicamentous and non-medicamentous measures to normalize metabolism
Category 3: Allasso-therapy
Category 4: Relaxing and roborating measures
Publication List - Karin Kraft M. D., Ph D;  Klinik "Moorbad" Bad Doberan, Germany

Category 2: Medicamentous and non-medicamentous measures to normalize metabolism
Alimentary Therapy Alimentation should be balanced and of full value, dinner should be light and not be served late in the evening. Low fat content is highly recommended, but unsaturated fatty acids are essential. The so-called mediterranean diet seems to be the best form. Osteoporosis should be prevented by high intake of milk and dairy products, in some cases calcium should be supplemented. Soy bean products are useful because of their content in phytoestrogens.
Phytotherapy Extracts of medicinal plants such as Cimicifuga (squaw root) are very helpful in treating menopausal complaints. If additionally chronic prostation with or without sleep disorders is present, treatment with melissa leaves, vandal root (valeriana), cones of hops, lavender flowers and herb of passion flower is recommended. In depressive states buds and flowers of Saint John´s wort are favourable, in states of anxiety rhizome of kava-kava. Pain of bones and connective tissue can be treated by extracts from devil@s claw rhizoma and herb of stinging nettle. 

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