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We want you to profit from our long-term experiences working with the Internet. Hence, we equipped our website with a commented list of regularly up-dated search tools.

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Helpful Hints
On this page, you can directly enter a key word. The accuracy of hits is increased by linking several terms with the AND command. The spelling of this function varies depending on the search systems and is sometimes only possible via direct access to the search systems.

For example:

will yield any web page with the term "frontier sciences"
(up to several hundred possibilities) points directly to the Datadiwan's research on frontier sciences.
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Our Favorite Search Systems
The following search systems represent those mostly used for our own Internet research.
This is the latest search machine from Inktomi and Hotwired, more than 50 million (!) web pages! It can yield a lot of hits.
HotBot searches very rapidly; however, the down-loading of pages is very slow due to the graphic structure. Advanced version.

Search expression:  
search web for 
and display  results

Choosing a period
all date, 19 within the last 

Choosing type of data
Java JavaScript Audio Acrobat Shockwave VRML Smiley: 

Choosing location
Cyberplace Domain (.edu) or web page (
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Alta Vista
This engine searches the Digital Equipment server for a fulltext index of the WWW, or you can choose to search approximately 14,000 news groups ("30 million pages found on 225,000 servers and three million articles from 14,000 Usenet news groups"). Here, the function AND is not possible.

More search options (AND, OR, NOT, NEAR, start date, end date) and display options (result ranking, size) are available from AltaVista: Advanced Query

Search and Display the Results 

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This search engine supplies well commented search results.

Lycos offers most search options and the biggest data stock (approx. 10 mill. web pages) of all non-professional search suppliers. To obtain its results, it scans the Internet via automatic programs (robots).  Data are arranged according to "popularity", meaning the number of references to other web pages under this address. When searching composite terms, AND is defaulted.

More options for search restrictions (AND, OR, ...), range of results, and accuracy are made available from
Lycos: Advanced Query

number of hits: options: 

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This search sysemt combines a list of websites with a search machine. It searches its own web site directory for entries from specific registrations or in Usenet. Additionally, Yahoo can forward a key word to other external search systems.

A time limit option (3 years, 1 month, 1 week, 1 day) as well as AND/OR option can be implemented when using Yahoo.

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