A List of Additional Search Systems
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Search systems are a quick way to help you locate WWW-sites or news groups focusing on certain topics.

We arranged the search services for you according to subnet and subject matter. You will find lists like these repeatedly in the Internet (the list on hand also contains some references). However to the best of our knowledge, the Datadiwan's links are unique in that they contain commentaries and helpful hints.

If you are searching for documents listed under specific criteria (e.g. a defined period of time), the Datadiwan is your appropriate service.


Basic services (direct access)
Here the most important search services are individually listed. Although you can reach them via the collective pages of the combined search services, by using direct access often you can adjust more search options.

There are also different search services available according to the corresponding subnets of the Internet.
WWW search services

Usenet news groups (NNTP) Gopher - search services (Veronica) FTP - search services (Archie)  
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Combined search services (access via other computers)
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Search services on medicine 
searching only in medical data bases and text files
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Search services for German resources  
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General catalogues
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