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Bernhard Harrer
Bernhard Harrer Knowledge Transfer
Brunnenstr. 147, D-10115 Berlin, Germany
Phone +49-30-74680170
E-mail: harrer@datadiwan.de

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"Datadiwan" is a registered trademark of Bernhard Harrer.

The texts and documents published on this domain do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the publisher. Many of the texts are published in order to make controversial discussions possible. In most cases, those responsible for the subject matter are mentioned by name.

Special Thanks
We would like to take this opportunity to thank Professor Dr. Joachim Hornung, without whose friendship, ideas, and scientific advice the Patienteninformation für Naturheilkunde would not have been birthed.

Another special thanks goes to Jean Giraud, for comic lovers also known under the name Moebius, who sketched our wonderful ouroboros. The ouroboros, the dragon who bites himself in the tail, is an ancient symbol stemming from many cultures world-wide. On our website, he serves as the continual reminder of the intricacy between the physical and the spiritual.

And finally, we would like to thank all employees, friends, and partners for their continuous help and support.

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