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What is The Patients Information Center for Natural Medicine?

The The Patients Information Center for Natural Medicine transfers knowledge, consults in the fields of complementary medicine (alternative medicine, holistic medicine) and the frontier sciences, and collaborates with many other institutions of similar concern. As part of this collaboration with its partners, the project has created as a "motor" the Datadiwan - a network of databases.

The Patient Information is the successor of the "Projekt Patienteninformation", which was financed for two years by the Berlin employment office and by the Berlin Documentation Center for Research in Alternative Medicine, whose documentation on the current research methods of naturopathy has been extended to the areas of basic research in frontier sciences and to international linkage of databases. The knowledge gained is passed directly on to our patient consultation where it can be referred to by scientists, physicians, laypeople, and other interested parties.

The Patienteninformation is intricately related to the Datadiwan database system, which links databases about frontier sciences with particular emphasis on complementary medicine/holistic medicine. The Patienteninformation database, therefore, enables the user to access the most important international sources of information.
What are the goals of the Patienteninformation?
Database structure for holistic medicine and frontier sciences

Networking for national and international research and documentation institutions Information, consultation and publicity Documentation, research and publications Investigation and evaluation of naturopathic treatments and diagnostic techniques What is offered to the patient? How are these informations accessible for you?

For patients our consultation service can be reached by telephone calling the Berlin number +49-30 / 76 00 876-0, Wednesday between 10:00 and 13:00. Specific scientific inquiries should be submitted by mail, fax, email or phone, +49-30 / 76 00 876-0

Our special topics:

In most of these fields, we are in close collaboration with our Datadiwan network partners. The Patienteninformation für Naturheilkunde currently publishes on the following subjects (in German if not otherwise indicated):  
For further information about our databases, services, and consultation:
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