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The Datadiwan continually is updated with new information, fulltexts, and links to references about FRONTIER SCIENCES, especially holistic medicine.

From the 6th until the 10th of September 1999 the International Institute of Biophysics hold its yearly IIB-Conference on Biophotons. The themes in the area of Biophotonics were: Non-equilibrium and Coherent Systems in Biology, Biophysics and Biotechnology. The conference took place at the Moscow State University, Department of Biology, Vorobjevy Gory, Moscow 119899, Russia.
The Datadiwan has now published the 46 abstracts of the themes hold on the conference.
Thomas Baier

The  Datadiwan has now a new area, where experts can publish their knowledge to a broad publicity. Try our new area called experts (there are until now only articles in German about Homoeopathy and Bioinformation - linked to the theory of Burkhrad Heim), or you can enter it this way:
Thomas Baier

The Datadiwan informs about a new professorship in Natural Medicine at the university of Rostock in Northern Germany. The publication is in German. The area is called:  Stiftungsprofessur
The new professorship colaborates with the clinik for rehabilitation "Moorbad" Bad Doberan in Bad Doberan, North Germany
Thomas Baier

In our list of topics, we have integrated the homoeopathy as a new topic. We are planing to give a new structure to our website. Therefore, the list of links to interesting documents appears as a static HTML-page. Later on we offer a data base generated list of topics.
Anyway, we want to invite you to have a look on two new books, which interesting content about homoeopathy and sexuality and the cosmic law of healing (sorry, the books are in German).
Thomas Baier

In cooperation with the hospital Dr. Ebel Fachklinik in Bad Doberan the Datadiwan is opening a new web space, which informs about "Concepts of Treatments in Naturopathy and Complementary Medicine". The first Author is Mrs. Dr. Karin Kraft. She is the senior consultant of the hospital in Bad Doberan. If you are an expert, you are invited to send us your concepts of treatment about further clinical problems. These concepts will be published in this web space.
Thomas Baier
- Fachinformationsdienst für Naturheilverfahren -


The HOLISTIC view of man, medicine, and science leads us directly to unified quantum field theories. The most fascinating and plausible approach to this area I saw so far is the work of the german physicist Burkhard Heim: After we already published a lecture (in german) by Heim and a comprehensive literature list (also in german) at the Datadiwan, we now present an article on the basics of Heims research in german and for the first time in english.

Your InfoJockey Bernhard Harrer

20.04.99 We welcome  theÄrzte-Gesellschaft für Heilfasten und Ernährung e.V. in Überlingen, Germany as our new Network Partner on the platform. The main subjects of their society are fasting and nutrition. For discussions we have installed a news forum. Don´t hesitate to mail us your opinion or your experiences with fasting etc.

Thomas Baier
- Fachinformationsdienst für Naturheilverfahren -

01.04.99 We welcome Prof. Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp and the International Institute of Biophysics (IIB) as our new Network Partner on the platform. The main subjects of their investigations are Coherence in biology, Biophotonics and Biocommunication.The Institute itself is a Network of Biologists, Chemists, Medical Research, Physicists and other Scientists working worldwide at different Universities or governmental Research Institutes. Its central office and focus of activities is located in Neuss, Germany.

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