International Network for Research on Alternative Therapies
Author: INRAT 
Subject: Alternative Therapies, Holistic Medicine, International Network, Investigation, Database 
Abstract: INRAT helpd to create frames for exchange of research-based knowledge on alternative therapies. The project ended in 1995.
Copyright: INRAT, Kopenhagen
10. Sept. 2004 

A major task at present is to create frames for exchange of research-based knowledge on alternative therapies. Several networks for research on alternative therapies have been established during the past few years - national as well as international and therapy-specific as well as general in scope.

The INRAT network had three main purposes:

Theoretical aims
Through the gathering of researchers' and research based knowledge, INRAT aims at stimulating the development of appropriate theoretical and methodological approaches for the study of alternative forms of therapy and their effects.
The development of a methodology, which yields potentials for a broad evaluation of various forms of therapy is given high priority.
For this purpose studies contributing to an understanding of social, cultural and philosophical aspects of alternative therapies seem highly necessary. Partly to give insight in the socio-cultural background and potential consequences of alternative therapies, and partly to create a more broadly based frame of reference for effect evaluation of these therapies. In support of the latter point special emphasis is put on the development of methodologies by which subjective aspects of healing processes can be conceptualized and included in evaluation of the effects and working principles of alternative therapies. Expressed in medical terms, one may say, that one of the aims of INRAT is to promote understanding of the placebo-effect.
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